sfepy.postprocess.plot_facets module

Functions to visualize the geometry elements and numbering and orientation of their facets (edges and faces).

The standard geometry elements can be plotted by running:

$ python sfepy/postprocess/plot_facets.py
sfepy.postprocess.plot_facets.draw_arrow(ax, coors, angle=20.0, length=0.3, **kwargs)[source]

Draw a line ended with an arrow head, in 2D or 3D.

sfepy.postprocess.plot_facets.plot_edges(ax, gel, length)[source]

Plot edges of a geometry element as numbered arrows.

sfepy.postprocess.plot_facets.plot_faces(ax, gel, radius, n_point)[source]

Plot faces of a 3D geometry element as numbered oriented arcs. An arc centre corresponds to the first node of a face. It points from the first edge towards the last edge of the face.

sfepy.postprocess.plot_facets.plot_geometry(ax, gel)[source]

Plot a geometry element as a wireframe.