sfepy.postprocess.plot_dofs module

Functions to visualize the mesh connectivity with global and local DOF numberings.

sfepy.postprocess.plot_dofs.plot_global_dofs(ax, coors, econn)[source]

Plot global DOF numbers given in an extended connectivity.

The DOF numbers are plotted for each element, so on common facets they are plotted several times - this can be used to check the consistency of the global DOF connectivity.

sfepy.postprocess.plot_dofs.plot_local_dofs(ax, coors, econn)[source]

Plot local DOF numbers corresponding to an extended connectivity.

sfepy.postprocess.plot_dofs.plot_mesh(ax, coors, conn, edges, color='k', **plot_kwargs)[source]

Plot a finite element mesh as a wireframe.

sfepy.postprocess.plot_dofs.plot_nodes(ax, coors, econn, ref_nodes, dofs)[source]

Plot Lagrange reference element nodes corresponding to global DOF numbers given in an extended connectivity.

sfepy.postprocess.plot_dofs.plot_points(ax, coors, vals=None, point_size=20, show_colorbar=False)[source]

Plot points with given coordinates, optionally colored using vals values.