Possible Topics

Several specific topics that we wish to address in the future are listed below. If you would like to contribute code/advice to our project with respect to these topics, do not hesitate to contact us (either directly: cimrman3(at)ntc.zcu.cz, or on our mailing list)

  • finish/improve IGA implementation (see Isogeometric Analysis):

    • support multiple patches

    • efficient quadrature formulas

    • local refinement?

  • discretization methods:

    • implement vector elements (Nedelec, Raviart-Thomas, …)

    • implement the discontinuous Galerkin method

  • material models: plasticity, viscoplasticity, damage, …

  • improve parallelization (see Solving Problems in Parallel):

    • cluster installation with fast BLAS

    • parallel code speed-up

    • remove (some of) the serial parts

    • preconditioning for multi-physics problems

  • solvers:

    • better defaults/recommendations for iterative solvers (PETSc) with respect to large problems

    • dynamics/time-stepping solvers, interface PETSc time-steppers

    • interface more sparse linear solvers (or enable via PETSc), for example BDDCML

    • interface more eigenvalue problem solvers

  • visualization of large data

  • automatic differentiation:

    • for tangent matrices

    • for identification of (material) parameters

  • core data structures & programming:

    • using octree-based(?) mesh representation for local refinement

    • continue with/improve the current hanging nodes implementation

    • exploit lazy evaluation

See also the enhacement issues.