sfepy.postprocess.plot_quadrature module

Functions to visualize quadrature points in reference elements.

sfepy.postprocess.plot_quadrature.label_points(ax, coors)[source]

Label points with their indices.

sfepy.postprocess.plot_quadrature.plot_quadrature(ax, geometry, order, boundary=False, min_radius=10, max_radius=50, show_colorbar=False, show_labels=False)[source]

Plot quadrature points for the given geometry and integration order.

The points are plotted as circles/spheres with radii given by quadrature weights - the weights are mapped to [min_radius, max_radius] interval.

sfepy.postprocess.plot_quadrature.plot_weighted_points(ax, coors, weights, min_radius=10, max_radius=50, show_colorbar=False)[source]

Plot points with given coordinates as circles/spheres with radii given by weights.