sfepy.parallel.plot_parallel_dofs module

Functions to visualize the partitioning of a domain and a field DOFs.

sfepy.parallel.plot_parallel_dofs.label_dofs(ax, coors, dofs, colors)[source]

Label DOFs using the given colors.

sfepy.parallel.plot_parallel_dofs.mark_subdomains(ax, cmesh, cell_tasks, size=None, icolor=0, alpha=1.0, mask=False)[source]

Mark cells of subdomains corresponding to each task by a different color. Plots nothing in 3D.

sfepy.parallel.plot_parallel_dofs.plot_local_dofs(axs, field, field_i, omega_gi, output_dir, rank)[source]

Plot the local ang global field DOFs local to the subdomain on the task with the given rank.

sfepy.parallel.plot_parallel_dofs.plot_partitioning(axs, field, cell_tasks, gfd, output_dir, size)[source]

Plot the partitioning of the domain and field DOFs.