sfepy.solvers.qeigen module

Quadratic eigenvalue problem solvers.

class sfepy.solvers.qeigen.LQuadraticEVPSolver(conf, mtx_m=None, mtx_d=None, mtx_k=None, n_eigs=None, eigenvectors=None, status=None, context=None, **kwargs)[source]

Quadratic eigenvalue problem solver based on the problem linearization.

(w^2 M + w D + K) x = 0.

Kind: ‘eig.qevp’

For common configuration parameters, see Solver.

Specific configuration parameters:

method{‘companion’, ‘cholesky’} (default: ‘companion’)

The linearization method.

solverdict (default: {‘kind’: ‘eig.scipy’, ‘method’: ‘eig’})

The configuration of an eigenvalue solver for the linearized problem (A - w B) x = 0.

mode{‘normal’, ‘inverted’} (default: ‘normal’)

Solve either A - w B (normal), or B - 1/w A (inverted).

debugbool (default: False)

If True, print debugging information.

name = 'eig.qevp'

Decorator handling argument preparation and timing for quadratic eigensolvers.