sfepy.scripts.test_install module

Simple script for testing various SfePy functionality, examples not covered by tests, and running the tests.

The script just runs the commands specified in its main() using the subprocess module, captures the output and compares one or more key words to the expected ones.

The output of failed commands is saved to ‘test_install.log’ file.


Run the specified command and capture its outputs.


The (stdout, stderr) output tuple.

sfepy.scripts.test_install.report(out, name, line, item, value, eps=None, return_item=False, match_numbers=False)[source]

Check that item at line of the output string out is equal to value. If not, print the output.

sfepy.scripts.test_install.report2(out, name, items, return_item=False)[source]

Check that items are in the output string out. If not, print the output.

sfepy.scripts.test_install.report_tests(out, return_item=False)[source]

Check that all tests in the output string out passed. If not, print the output.