sfepy.discrete.structural.fields module

Fields corresponding to structural elements.

class sfepy.discrete.structural.fields.Shell10XField(name, dtype, shape, region, approx_order=1)[source]

The approximation for the shell10x element.

create_mapping(region, integral, integration, return_mapping=True)[source]

Create a new reference mapping.

create_output(dofs, var_name, dof_names=None, key=None, thickness=None, **kwargs)[source]

Convert the DOFs corresponding to the field to a dictionary of output data usable by Mesh.write().

dofsarray, shape (n_nod, n_component)

The array of DOFs reshaped so that each column corresponds to one component.


The variable name corresponding to dofs.

dof_namestuple of str

The names of DOF components.

keystr, optional

The key to be used in the output dictionary instead of the variable name.


The output dictionary.

family_name = 'volume_H1_shell10x'