sfepy.discrete.fem.fe_surface module

class sfepy.discrete.fem.fe_surface.FEPhantomSurface(name, region, volume_econn)[source]

A phantom surface of the region with tdim=2.

class sfepy.discrete.fem.fe_surface.FESurface(name, region, efaces, volume_econn, volume_region=None)[source]

Description of a surface of a finite element domain.

get_connectivity(local=False, trace_region=None)[source]

Return the surface element connectivity.


If True, return local connectivity w.r.t. surface nodes, otherwise return global connectivity w.r.t. all mesh nodes.

trace_traceNone or str

If not None, return mirror connectivity according to local.

setup_mirror_connectivity(region, mirror_name)[source]

Setup mirror surface connectivity required to integrate over a mirror region.

  1. Get orientation of the faces: a) for own elements -> ooris b) for mirror elements -> moris

  2. orientation -> permutation.