Source code for sfepy.homogenization.homogen_app

from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import absolute_import
import os.path as op
import shutil

import numpy as nm

from sfepy.base.base import get_default, Struct
from sfepy.homogenization.coefficients import Coefficients
from sfepy.homogenization.engine import HomogenizationEngine
from sfepy.applications import PDESolverApp
import sfepy.discrete.fem.periodic as per
import sfepy.linalg as la
import sfepy.base.multiproc as multi
from six.moves import range

[docs]class HomogenizationApp(HomogenizationEngine):
[docs] @staticmethod def process_options(options): """ Application options setup. Sets default values for missing non-compulsory options. """ get = options.get volume = get('volume', None) volumes = get('volumes', None) if volume is None and volumes is None: raise ValueError('missing "volume" in options!') return Struct(print_digits=get('print_digits', 3), float_format=get('float_format', '%8.3e'), coefs_filename=get('coefs_filename', 'coefs'), tex_names=get('tex_names', None), coefs=get('coefs', None, 'missing "coefs" in options!'), requirements=get('requirements', None, 'missing "requirements" in options!'), return_all=get('return_all', False), macro_deformation=get('macro_deformation', None), mesh_update_variable=get('mesh_update_variable', None), mesh_update_corrector=get('mesh_update_corrector', None), multiprocessing=get('multiprocessing', True), use_mpi=get('use_mpi', False), store_micro_idxs=get('store_micro_idxs', []), volume=volume, volumes=volumes)
def __init__(self, conf, options, output_prefix, **kwargs): PDESolverApp.__init__(self, conf, options, output_prefix, init_equations=False) self.setup_options() self.cached_coefs = None self.n_micro = kwargs.get('n_micro', None) self.macro_deformation = None self.micro_coors = None self.updating_corrs = None self.micro_state_cache = {} self.multiproc_mode = None mac_def = self.app_options.macro_deformation if mac_def is not None and isinstance(mac_def, nm.ndarray): self.n_micro = mac_def.shape[0] self.setup_macro_deformation(mac_def) if self.n_micro is not None: coors = self.problem.domain.get_mesh_coors() self.micro_coors = nm.empty((self.n_micro,) + coors.shape, dtype=nm.float64) for im in range(self.n_micro): self.micro_coors[im, ...] = coors output_dir = self.problem.output_dir if conf._filename is not None: shutil.copyfile(conf._filename, op.join(output_dir, op.basename(conf._filename)))
[docs] def setup_options(self): PDESolverApp.setup_options(self) po = HomogenizationApp.process_options self.app_options += po(self.conf.options) if hasattr(self, 'he'): self.he.setup_options()
[docs] def setup_macro_deformation(self, mtx_F): """ Setup macroscopic deformation gradient. """ self.macro_deformation = mtx_F
[docs] def get_micro_cache_key(self, key, icoor, itime): tt = '' if itime is None else '_t%03d' % itime return '%s_%d%s' % (key, icoor, tt)
[docs] def update_micro_coors(self, ret_val=False): """ Update microstructures coordinates according to the deformation gradient and corrector functions. """ dim = self.macro_deformation.shape[1] mtx_e = self.macro_deformation - nm.eye(dim) ncoors = self.micro_coors ncoors += la.dot_sequences(ncoors, mtx_e, 'ABT') if self.updating_corrs is not None: upd_var = self.app_options.mesh_update_variable for ii, corr in enumerate(self.updating_corrs): update_corr = nm.array( [corr.states[jj][upd_var] for jj in corr.components]).T gg = mtx_e[ii, ...].reshape((dim**2, 1)) ncoors[ii] +=, gg).reshape(ncoors[ii].shape) if ret_val: return ncoors
[docs] def call(self, verbose=False, ret_all=None, itime=None, iiter=None): """ Call the homogenization engine and compute the homogenized coefficients. Parameters ---------- verbose : bool If True, print the computed coefficients. ret_all : bool or None If not None, it can be used to override the 'return_all' option. If True, also the dependencies are returned. time_tag: str The time tag used in file names. Returns ------- coefs : Coefficients instance The homogenized coefficients. dependencies : dict The dependencies, if `ret_all` is True. """ opts = self.app_options ret_all = get_default(ret_all, opts.return_all) if not hasattr(self, 'he'): volumes = {} if hasattr(opts, 'volumes') and (opts.volumes is not None): volumes.update(opts.volumes) elif hasattr(opts, 'volume') and (opts.volume is not None): volumes['total'] = opts.volume else: volumes['total'] = 1.0 self.he = HomogenizationEngine(self.problem, self.options, volumes=volumes) if self.micro_coors is not None: self.he.set_micro_coors(self.update_micro_coors(ret_val=True)) multiproc_mode = None if opts.multiprocessing and multi.use_multiprocessing: multiproc, multiproc_mode = multi.get_multiproc(mpi=opts.use_mpi) if multiproc_mode is not None: upd_var = self.app_options.mesh_update_variable if upd_var is not None: uvar = self.problem.create_variables([upd_var])[upd_var] uvar.field.mappings0 = multiproc.get_dict('mappings0', soft_set=True) per.periodic_cache = multiproc.get_dict('periodic_cache', soft_set=True) time_tag = ('' if itime is None else '_t%03d' % itime)\ + ('' if iiter is None else '_i%03d' % iiter) aux = self.he(ret_all=ret_all, time_tag=time_tag) if ret_all: coefs, dependencies = aux # store correctors for coors update if opts.mesh_update_corrector is not None: self.updating_corrs =\ dependencies[opts.mesh_update_corrector] else: coefs = aux if coefs is not None: coefs = Coefficients(**coefs.to_dict()) if verbose: prec = nm.get_printoptions()['precision'] if hasattr(opts, 'print_digits'): nm.set_printoptions(precision=opts.print_digits) print(coefs) nm.set_printoptions(precision=prec) ms_cache = self.micro_state_cache for ii in self.app_options.store_micro_idxs: key = self.get_micro_cache_key('coors', ii, itime) ms_cache[key] = self.micro_coors[ii, ...] coef_save_name = op.join(opts.output_dir, opts.coefs_filename) coefs.to_file_hdf5(coef_save_name + '%s.h5' % time_tag) coefs.to_file_txt(coef_save_name + '%s.txt' % time_tag, opts.tex_names, opts.float_format) if ret_all: return coefs, dependencies else: return coefs