• 06.03.2018 Version 2018.1 released (major update of time-stepping solvers and solver handling, Newmark and Bathe elastodynamics solvers, interface to MUMPS linear solver, new examples: iron plate impact problem (elastodynamics), incompressible Mooney-Rivlin material model (hyperelasticity) as a script, etc.), see release notes.
  • 29.12.2017 Version 2017.4 released (basic support for penalty-based contacts, support for user-defined contexts in all solvers and preconditioners, new example: dispersion analysis of heterogeneous periodic materials, etc.), see release notes.
  • 19.09.2017 Version 2017.3 released (support preconditioning in SciPy and PyAMG based linear solvers, user-defined preconditioners for PETSc linear solvers, parallel multiscale (macro-micro) homogenization-based computations, improved tutorial and installation instructions, etc.), see release notes.
  • 19.05.2017 Version 2017.2 released (simplified and unified implementation of some homogenized coefficients, support for saving custom structured data to HDF5 files, new tutorial on preparing meshes using FreeCAD/OpenSCAD and Gmsh, etc.), see release notes.
  • 28.02.2017 Version 2017.1 released (spline-box parametrization of an arbitrary field, conda-forge recipe, fixes for Python 3.6, etc.), see release notes.

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