• 23.12.2019 Version 2019.4 released (support surface terms in 1D problems, improved Gmsh mesh format support (write .msh files), new updating procedure in nonlinear homogenization, improved/faster log plotter, etc.), see release notes.

  • 24.09.2019 Version 2019.3 released (interface to eigenvalue problem solvers in SLEPc, new Python 3 enabled Timer class and other Python 3 compatibility fixes, etc.), see release notes.

  • 02.07.2019 Version 2019.2 released (improved support for time-dependent homogenization problems, Python 3.7 compatibility, etc.), see release notes.

  • 26.03.2019 Version 2019.1 released (automatic fallback for linear solvers, quadratic eigenvalue problem solver, etc.), see release notes.

  • 27.12.2018 Version 2018.4 released (better support for eigenvalue problems, improved MUMPS solver interface, support for logging and plotting of complex values, etc.), see release notes.

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