Source code for sfepy.config

import sys
import os
import shutil
import sysconfig

msg_unknown_os = """could not determine operating system!
try setting it in manually, see"""

msg_numpydoc = """could not find numpydoc!
If it is installed in a non-standard location, try setting it in manually."""

if not os.path.exists(''):
        shutil.copyfile('', '')


    import site_cfg

except ImportError:
    site_cfg = None

has_attr = lambda obj, attr: obj and hasattr(obj, attr)

[docs]class Config(object):
[docs] def python_version(self): if has_attr(site_cfg, 'python_version'): if '*' in site_cfg.python_version: return "%d.%d" % tuple(sys.version_info[:2]) else: return site_cfg.python_version else: return "%d.%d" % tuple(sys.version_info[:2])
[docs] def python_include(self): if (has_attr(site_cfg, 'python_include') and (site_cfg.python_include != 'auto')): return site_cfg.python_include else: return sysconfig.get_config_var('INCLUDEPY')
[docs] def system(self): if has_attr(site_cfg, 'system') and site_cfg.system is not None: return site_cfg.system else: if in ['posix']: return 'posix' elif in ['nt']: return 'windows' else: raise ValueError(msg_unknown_os)
[docs] def compile_flags(self): if has_attr(site_cfg, 'compile_flags'): flags = site_cfg.compile_flags else: flags = '-g -O2' return flags.split()
[docs] def debug_flags(self): if has_attr(site_cfg, 'debug_flags'): return site_cfg.debug_flags else: return ''
[docs] def numpydoc_path(self): if (has_attr(site_cfg, 'numpydoc_path') and (site_cfg.numpydoc_path is not None)): return site_cfg.numpydoc_path else: try: import numpydoc except ImportError: raise ValueError(msg_numpydoc)
[docs] def is_release(self): if has_attr(site_cfg, 'is_release'): return site_cfg.is_release else: return ''
[docs] def tetgen_path(self): if has_attr(site_cfg, 'tetgen_path'): return site_cfg.tetgen_path else: return '/usr/bin/tetgen'
[docs] def refmap_memory_factor(self): if has_attr(site_cfg, 'refmap_memory_factor'): return site_cfg.refmap_memory_factor else: return None