sfepy.homogenization.homogen_app module

class sfepy.homogenization.homogen_app.HomogenizationApp(conf, options, output_prefix, **kwargs)[source]
call(self, verbose=False, ret_all=None, itime=None, iiter=None)[source]

Call the homogenization engine and compute the homogenized coefficients.


If True, print the computed coefficients.

ret_allbool or None

If not None, it can be used to override the ‘return_all’ option. If True, also the dependencies are returned.

time_tag: str

The time tag used in file names.

coefsCoefficients instance

The homogenized coefficients.


The dependencies, if ret_all is True.

get_micro_cache_key(self, key, icoor, itime)[source]
static process_options(options)[source]

Application options setup. Sets default values for missing non-compulsory options.

setup_macro_deformation(self, mtx_F)[source]

Setup macroscopic deformation gradient.

update_micro_coors(self, ret_val=False)[source]

Update microstructures coordinates according to the deformation gradient and corrector functions.