sfepy.homogenization.coefficients module

class sfepy.homogenization.coefficients.Coefficients(**kwargs)[source]

Class for storing (homogenized) material coefficients.

static from_file_hdf5(filename)[source]
to_file_latex(filename, names, format=’%.2e’, cdot=False, filter=None, idx=None)[source]

Save the coefficients to a file in LaTeX format.

filename : str

The name of the output file.

names : dict

Mapping of attribute names to LaTeX names.

format : str

Format string for numbers.

cdot : bool

For ‘%.e’ formats only. If True, replace ‘e’ by LaTeX ‘cdot 10^{exponent}’ format.

filter : int

For ‘%.e’ formats only. Typeset as 0, if exponent is less than filter.

idx : int

For multi-coefficients, set the coefficient index.

to_file_txt(filename, names, format)[source]
to_latex(attr_name, dim, style=’table’, format=’%f’, step=None)[source]
sfepy.homogenization.coefficients.coef_arrays_to_dicts(idict, format=’%s/%d’)[source]