sfepy.discrete.iga.mappings module

Reference mappings for isogeometric analysis.

class sfepy.discrete.iga.mappings.IGMapping(domain, cells, nurbs=None)[source]

Reference mapping for isogeometric analysis based on Bezier extraction.

domain : IGDomain instance

The mapping domain.

cells : array

The mapping region cells. (All domain cells required.)

nurbs : NurbsPatch instance, optional

If given, the nurbs is used instead of domain.nurbs. The nurbs has to be obtained by degree elevation of domain.nurbs.


Return reference element geometry as a GeometryElement instance.

get_mapping(qp_coors, weights)[source]

Get the mapping for given quadrature points and weights.

cmap : CMapping instance

The reference mapping.


Does not set total volume of the C mapping structure!


Get physical quadrature points corresponding to given reference Bezier element quadrature points.

qps : array

The physical quadrature points ordered element by element, i.e. with shape (n_el, n_qp, dim).