sfepy.discrete.common.dof_info module

Classes holding information on global DOFs and mapping of all DOFs - equations (active DOFs).

Helper functions for the equation mapping.

class sfepy.discrete.common.dof_info.DofInfo(name)[source]

Global DOF information, i.e. ordering of DOFs of the state (unknown) variables in the global state vector.

append_raw(name, n_dof)[source]

Append raw DOFs.

name : str

The name of variable the DOFs correspond to.

n_dof : int

The number of DOFs.

append_variable(var, active=False)[source]

Append DOFs of the given variable.

var : Variable instance

The variable to append.

active : bool, optional

When True, only active (non-constrained) DOFs are considered.


Return information on DOFs of the given variable.

var_name : str

The name of the variable.


Return the total number of DOFs of all state variables.


Return global DOF information for selected variables only. Silently ignores non-existing variable names.

var_names : list

The names of the selected variables.

update(name, n_dof)[source]

Set the number of DOFs of the given variable.

name : str

The name of variable the DOFs correspond to.

n_dof : int

The number of DOFs.

class sfepy.discrete.common.dof_info.EquationMap(name, dof_names, var_di)[source]

Map all DOFs to equations for active DOFs.


Get the matrix operator R corresponding to the equation mapping, such that the restricted matrix A_r can be obtained from the full matrix A by A_r = R^T A
R. All the matrices are w.r.t. a single variables that uses this mapping.

mtx : coo_matrix

The matrix R.

map_equations(bcs, field, ts, functions, problem=None, warn=False)[source]

Create the mapping of active DOFs from/to all DOFs.

bcs : Conditions instance

The Dirichlet or periodic boundary conditions (single condition instances). The dof names in the conditions must already be canonized.

field : Field instance

The field of the variable holding the DOFs.

ts : TimeStepper instance

The time stepper.

functions : Functions instance

The registered functions.

problem : Problem instance, optional

The problem that can be passed to user functions as a context.

warn : bool, optional

If True, warn about BC on non-existent nodes.

active_bcs : set

The set of boundary conditions active in the current time.


  • Periodic bc: master and slave DOFs must belong to the same field (variables can differ, though).
sfepy.discrete.common.dof_info.expand_nodes_to_dofs(nods, n_dof_per_node)[source]

Expand DOF node indices into DOFs given a constant number of DOFs per node.

sfepy.discrete.common.dof_info.expand_nodes_to_equations(nods, dof_names, all_dof_names)[source]

Expand vector of node indices to equations (DOF indices) based on the DOF-per-node count.

DOF names must be already canonized.

eq : array

The equations/DOF indices in the node-by-node order.


Group EPBC chains.

sfepy.discrete.common.dof_info.is_active_bc(bc, ts=None, functions=None)[source]

Check whether the given boundary condition is active in the current time.

active : bool

True if the condition bc is active.

sfepy.discrete.common.dof_info.resolve_chains(master_slave, chains)[source]

Resolve EPBC chains - e.g. in corner nodes.