sfepy.applications.pde_solver_app module

class sfepy.applications.pde_solver_app.PDESolverApp(conf, options, output_prefix, init_equations=True, **kwargs)[source]

Utility function to load a dictionary data from a HDF5 file filename.

static process_options(options)[source]

Application options setup. Sets default values for missing non-compulsory options.

save_dict(filename, data)[source]

Utility function to save a dictionary data to a HDF5 file filename.

setup_output_info(problem, options)[source]

Modifies both problem and options!

sfepy.applications.pde_solver_app.assign_standard_hooks(obj, get, conf)[source]

Set standard hook function attributes from conf to obj using the get function.

sfepy.applications.pde_solver_app.save_only(conf, save_names, problem=None)[source]

Save information available prior to setting equations and solving them.

sfepy.applications.pde_solver_app.solve_pde(conf, options=None, status=None, **app_options)[source]

Solve a system of partial differential equations (PDEs).

This function is a convenience wrapper that creates and runs an instance of PDESolverApp.

conf : str or ProblemConf instance

Either the name of the problem description file defining the PDEs, or directly the ProblemConf instance.

options : options

The command-line options.

status : dict-like

The object for storing the solver return status.

app_options : kwargs

The keyword arguments that can override application-specific options.