Past SupportΒΆ

In past, work on SfePy was partially supported by the following projects:

  • project GA16-03823S (Homogenization and multi-scale computational modelling of flow and nonlinear interactions in porous smart structures) of Czech Science Foundation, in 2016-2018;

  • project TA04010992 (Research and development of technologies for obtaining vegetable oils and cakes with an emphasis on quality of cakes as feed and the appropriateness of the used construction materials) of The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, in 2014-2017.

  • project GAP101/12/2315 (Modelling of acoustic wave propagation in strongly heterogeneous media; multi-scale numerical and analytical approaches) of Czech Science Foundation, 2012-2016.

  • project NT13326 of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, in 2012-2015;

  • project GAP108/11/0853 (Nanostructures with transition metals: Towards ab-initio material design) of Czech Science Foundation, in 2011-2015;

  • project MSM4977751303 (Failure prediction of heterogeneous materials, components of mechanical and biomechanical systems) of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, in 2005-2011;

  • project GA101/07/1471 (Finite element modelling of linear, non-linear and multiscale effects in wave propagation in solids and heterogeneous media) of Czech Science Foundation, in 2007-2011;

  • project GA106/09/0740 (Microstructure oriented hierarchical modeling of brain perfusion for CT based cerebral blood flow evaluation) of Czech Science Foundation, in 2009-2012.