Source code for sync_module_docs

#!/usr/bin/env python
Synchronize the documentation files in a given directory ``doc_dir`` with the
actual state of the SfePy sources in ``top_dir``. Missing files are created,
files with no corresponding source file are removed, other files are left

The developer guide needs to be edited manually to reflect the changes.
import sys
import os
from argparse import ArgumentParser, RawDescriptionHelpFormatter

from sfepy.base.base import output
from sfepy.base.ioutils import locate_files, edit_filename, ensure_path

omits = [

omits_pyx = [

doc_template = """%s

.. automodule:: %s

helps = {
    'dry_run' :
    'only show what changes would be made',

[docs]def main(): parser = ArgumentParser(description=__doc__, formatter_class=RawDescriptionHelpFormatter) parser.add_argument('--version', action='version', version='%(prog)s') parser.add_argument('-n', '--dry-run', action='store_true', dest='dry_run', default=False, help=helps['dry_run']) parser.add_argument('doc_dir') parser.add_argument('top_dir') options = parser.parse_args() doc_dir, top_dir = [os.path.realpath(ii) for ii in [options.doc_dir, options.top_dir]] docs = set(ii for ii in locate_files('*.rst', root_dir=doc_dir)) sources = set(ii for ii in locate_files('*.py', root_dir=os.path.join(top_dir, 'sfepy')) if (os.path.basename(ii) not in omits) and ('sfepy/examples' not in ii) ) sources.update(ii for ii in locate_files('*.pyx', root_dir=os.path.join(top_dir, 'sfepy')) if os.path.basename(ii) not in omits_pyx) scripts = set(ii for ii in locate_files('*.py', root_dir=os.path.join(top_dir, 'tools')) if os.path.basename(ii) not in omits) all_sources = set() all_sources.update(sources, scripts) cwd = os.path.realpath(os.path.curdir) + os.path.sep output.prefix = 'smd:' output('removing unneeded rst files in "%s"...' % doc_dir) for doc in sorted(docs): aux = edit_filename(doc, new_ext='.py') src1 = os.path.normpath(aux.replace(doc_dir, top_dir)) aux = edit_filename(doc, new_ext='.pyx') src2 = os.path.normpath(aux.replace(doc_dir, top_dir)) if (src1 not in all_sources) and (src2 not in all_sources): output('remove: %s' % doc.replace(cwd, '')) if not options.dry_run: os.remove(doc) output('...done') output('creating missing rst files in "%s"...' % doc_dir) for src in sorted(all_sources): aux = edit_filename(src, new_ext='.rst') doc = os.path.normpath(aux.replace(top_dir, doc_dir)) if doc not in docs: output('create: %s' % doc.replace(cwd, '')) if not options.dry_run: mod_filename = src.replace(top_dir + os.path.sep, '') mod_name = mod_filename.replace(os.path.sep, '.') mod_name = edit_filename(mod_name, new_ext='') if mod_name.startswith('sfepy'): # Module. title = mod_name + ' module' else: # Script. title = mod_filename + ' script' mod_name = mod_name.split('.')[-1] underlines = '=' * len(title) contents = doc_template % (title, underlines, mod_name) ensure_path(doc) fd = open(doc, 'w') fd.write(contents) fd.close() output('...done')
if __name__ == '__main__': main()