Source code for sfepy.scripts.show_mesh_info

#!/usr/bin/env python
Print various information about a mesh.
import sys
from argparse import RawDescriptionHelpFormatter, ArgumentParser

import numpy as nm

from sfepy.base.base import output
from sfepy.discrete.fem import Mesh, MeshIO, FEDomain
from sfepy.discrete.common.extmods.cmesh import graph_components

[docs]def show_mesh_info(options): mesh = Mesh.from_file(options.filename) output(mesh.cmesh) output('element types:', mesh.descs) output('nodal BCs:', sorted(mesh.nodal_bcs.keys())) output('vertex groups:', nm.unique(mesh.cmesh.vertex_groups)) output('cell groups:', nm.unique(mesh.cmesh.cell_groups)) bbox = mesh.get_bounding_box() output('bounding box:\n%s' % '\n'.join('%s: [%14.7e, %14.7e]' % (name, bbox[0, ii], bbox[1, ii]) for ii, name in enumerate('xyz'[:mesh.dim]))) output('centre: [%s]' % ', '.join('%14.7e' % ii for ii in 0.5 * (bbox[0] + bbox[1]))) output('coordinates mean: [%s]' % ', '.join('%14.7e' % ii for ii in mesh.coors.mean(0))) io = MeshIO.any_from_filename(options.filename) try: data = io.read_data(0) except ValueError: pass else: from sfepy.linalg.utils import output_array_stats output('data...') for key, val in data.items(): if key in ('node_groups', 'mat_id'): continue output_array_stats(, f'{key} ({val.mode}):') output('...done') if not options.detailed: return domain = FEDomain(, mesh) for dim in range(1, mesh.cmesh.tdim + 1): volumes = mesh.cmesh.get_volumes(dim) output('volumes of %d %dD entities:\nmin: %.7e mean: %.7e median:' ' %.7e max: %.7e' % (mesh.cmesh.num[dim], dim, volumes.min(), volumes.mean(), nm.median(volumes), volumes.max())) euler = lambda mesh:, [1, -1, 1, -1]) ec = euler(mesh) output('Euler characteristic:', ec) graph = mesh.create_conn_graph(verbose=False) n_comp, _ = graph_components(graph.shape[0], graph.indptr, graph.indices) output('number of connected components:', n_comp) if mesh.dim > 1: region = domain.create_region('surf', 'vertices of surface', 'facet') surf_mesh = Mesh.from_region(region, mesh, localize=True, is_surface=True) FEDomain(, surf_mesh) # Calls CMesh.setup_entities(). sec = euler(surf_mesh) output('surface Euler characteristic:', sec) if mesh.dim == 3: output('surface genus:', (2.0 - sec) / 2.0) surf_graph = surf_mesh.create_conn_graph(verbose=False) n_comp, _ = graph_components(surf_graph.shape[0], surf_graph.indptr, surf_graph.indices) output('number of connected surface components:', n_comp)
helps = { 'filename' : 'mesh file name', 'detailed' : 'show additional information (entity volume statistics)', }
[docs]def add_args(parser): parser.add_argument('filename', help=helps['filename']) parser.add_argument('-d', '--detailed', action='store_true', dest='detailed', default=False, help=helps['detailed'])
[docs]def main(): parser = ArgumentParser(description=__doc__.rstrip(), formatter_class=RawDescriptionHelpFormatter) parser.add_argument('--version', action='version', version='%(prog)s') add_args(parser) options = parser.parse_args() show_mesh_info(options)
if __name__ == '__main__': main()