Source code for sfepy.scripts.gen_iga_patch

#!/usr/bin/env python
Generate a single IGA patch block in 2D or 3D of given degrees and continuity
using igakit.

The grid has equally-spaced knot vectors.
from __future__ import absolute_import
import sys
from argparse import ArgumentParser, RawDescriptionHelpFormatter
import numpy as nm

from sfepy.base.base import output
from sfepy.discrete.iga.domain_generators import gen_patch_block_domain
import sfepy.discrete.iga.plot_nurbs as pn
import as io

helps = {
    'filename' :
    'output file name [default: block%%dd.iga]',
    'dims' :
    'dimensions of the block [default: %(default)s]',
    'centre' :
    'centre of the block [default: %(default)s]',
    'shape' :
    'numbers of unique knot values along each axis [default: %(default)s]',
    'degrees' :
    'NURBS degrees along each axis [default: %(default)s]',
    'continuity' :
    'NURBS continuity along each axis [default: degrees-1]',
    'cp_mode' :
    "The control points mode. The default 'greville' results in a uniform"
    " Bezier mesh, while the 'uniform' mode results in a uniform grid of"
    " control points a finer Bezier mesh inside the block and a coarser"
    " Bezier mesh near the block boundary.",
    '2d' :
    'generate a 2D block, the third components of the above'
    ' options are ignored',
    'plot' :
    'plot parametric, control and Bezier meshes as well as 1D basis slices',
    'label' :
    'label control and Bezier mesh points in figures',

[docs]def gen_iga_patch(options): dim = 2 if options.is_2d else 3 filename = options.filename if filename is None: filename = 'block%dd.iga' % dim dims = nm.array(eval(options.dims), dtype=nm.float64)[:dim] centre = nm.array(eval(options.centre), dtype=nm.float64)[:dim] shape = nm.array(eval(options.shape), dtype=nm.int32)[:dim] degrees = nm.array(eval(options.degrees), dtype=nm.int32)[:dim] if options.continuity is None: continuity = degrees - 1 else: continuity = nm.array(eval(options.continuity), dtype=nm.int32)[:dim] n_dofs = degrees + 1 + (shape - 2) * (degrees - continuity) output('dimensions:', dims) output('centre: ', centre) output('shape: ', shape) output('degrees: ', degrees) output('continuity:', continuity) output('cp_mode: ', options.cp_mode) output('-> :', filename) output('number of DOFs per axis:', n_dofs) nurbs, bmesh, regions = gen_patch_block_domain(dims, shape, centre, degrees, continuity=continuity, cp_mode=options.cp_mode, name='block', verbose=True) io.write_iga_data(filename, None, nurbs.knots, nurbs.degrees, nurbs.cps, nurbs.weights, nurbs.cs, nurbs.conn, bmesh.cps, bmesh.weights, bmesh.conn, regions) if options.plot: pn.plt.rcParams['lines.linewidth'] = 2 block = nurbs.nurbs ax = pn.plot_parametric_mesh(None, block.knots) ax.set_title('parametric mesh') ax.axis('equal') points = block.points[..., :dim] ax = pn.plot_control_mesh(None, points, label=options.label) ax = pn.plot_iso_lines(ax, block) ax.set_title('control mesh and iso lines (blue)' ' in Greville abscissae coordinates') ax.axis('equal') points = bmesh.cps ax = pn.plot_bezier_mesh(None, points, bmesh.conn,, label=options.label) ax = pn.plot_iso_lines(ax, block) ax.set_title('Bezier mesh and iso lines (blue)' ' in Greville abscissae coordinates') ax.axis('equal') pn.plt.rcParams['lines.linewidth'] = 3 line = block.extract(0, 0.5) if dim == 3: line = line.extract(0, 0.5) ax = pn.plot_nurbs_basis_1d(None, line, n_points=1000, legend=options.label) ax.set_xlabel('last parametric coordinate') ax.set_title('1D NURBS basis') ax = pn.plot_nurbs_basis_1d(None, line, n_points=1000, x_axis=dim-1, legend=options.label) ax.set_xlabel('last physical coordinate') ax.set_title('1D NURBS basis')
[docs]def add_args(parser): parser.add_argument('-o', metavar='filename', action='store', dest='filename', default=None, help=helps['filename']) parser.add_argument('-d', '--dims', metavar='dims', action='store', dest='dims', default='[1.0, 1.0, 1.0]', help=helps['dims']) parser.add_argument('-c', '--centre', metavar='centre', action='store', dest='centre', default='[0.0, 0.0, 0.0]', help=helps['centre']) parser.add_argument('-s', '--shape', metavar='shape', action='store', dest='shape', default='[5, 5, 5]', help=helps['shape']) parser.add_argument('--degrees', metavar='degrees', action='store', dest='degrees', default='[2, 2, 2]', help=helps['degrees']) parser.add_argument('--continuity', metavar='continuity', action='store', dest='continuity', default=None, help=helps['continuity']) parser.add_argument('--cp-mode', metavar="'greville' or 'uniform'", action='store', dest='cp_mode', choices=['greville', 'uniform'], default='greville', help=helps['cp_mode']) parser.add_argument('-2', '--2d', action='store_true', dest='is_2d', default=False, help=helps['2d']) parser.add_argument('-p', '--plot', action='store_true', dest='plot', default=False, help=helps['plot']) parser.add_argument('-l', '--label', action='store_true', dest='label', default=False, help=helps['label'])
[docs]def main(): parser = ArgumentParser(description=__doc__, formatter_class=RawDescriptionHelpFormatter) parser.add_argument('--version', action='version', version='%(prog)s') add_args(parser) options = parser.parse_args() gen_iga_patch(options)
if __name__ == '__main__': main()