Source code for sfepy.discrete.fem.fields_positive

from sfepy.discrete.fem.fields_base import (VolumeField, SurfaceField,
from sfepy.discrete.fem.fields_nodal import GlobalNodalLikeBasis

[docs]class H1BernsteinVolumeField(H1Mixin, GlobalNodalLikeBasis, VolumeField): family_name = 'volume_H1_bernstein'
[docs] def create_basis_context(self): """ Create the context required for evaluating the field basis. """ # Hack for tests to pass - the reference coordinates are determined # from vertices only - we can use the Lagrange basis context for the # moment. The true context for Field.evaluate_at() is not implemented. gps = self.gel.poly_space mesh = self.create_mesh(extra_nodes=False) ctx = geo_ctx = gps.create_context(mesh.cmesh, 0, 1e-15, 100, 1e-8) ctx.geo_ctx = geo_ctx return ctx
[docs]class H1BernsteinSurfaceField(H1Mixin, GlobalNodalLikeBasis, SurfaceField): family_name = 'surface_H1_bernstein'