Source code for sfepy.base.multiproc_proc

Multiprocessing functions - using multiprocessing (process based) module.
    from multiprocessing import cpu_count, Manager, Queue, Lock,\
        managers, Process, Pool
    use_multiprocessing = cpu_count() > 1
    use_multiprocessing = False
    managers = None

    import queue
except ImportError:
    import Queue as queue

global_multiproc_dict = {}

[docs]class MyQueue(object): def __init__(self): self.queue = Queue()
[docs] def get(self): try: name = self.queue.get(False, 0.01) # get (or wait for) a task return name except queue.Empty: return None
[docs] def put(self, value): self.queue.put(value)
[docs]def get_manager(): """ Get the multiprocessing manager. If not in the global cache, create a new instance. Returns ------- manager : manager The multiprocessing manager. """ if use_multiprocessing and 'manager' not in global_multiproc_dict: global_multiproc_dict['manager'] = Manager() return global_multiproc_dict['manager']
[docs]def get_mpdict_value(mode, key, clear=False): """ Get the item from the global multiprocessing cache. Parameters ---------- mode : str The type of the required object. key : immutable type The key of the required object. clear : bool If True, clear the dictionary or list (for modes 'dict' and 'list'). Returns ------- value : remote object The remote object. """ m = get_manager() if key in global_multiproc_dict: if clear: if mode == 'dict': global_multiproc_dict[key].clear() elif mode == 'list': del global_multiproc_dict[key][:] else: if mode == 'dict': global_multiproc_dict[key] = m.dict() elif mode == 'list': global_multiproc_dict[key] = m.list() elif mode == 'ivalue': global_multiproc_dict[key] = m.Value('i', 0) elif mode == 'queue': global_multiproc_dict[key] = MyQueue() elif mode == 'lock': global_multiproc_dict[key] = Lock() return global_multiproc_dict[key]
[docs]def get_dict(name, clear=False, **kwargs): """Get the remote dictionary.""" return get_mpdict_value('dict', 'd_' + name, clear=clear)
[docs]def get_list(name, clear=False): """Get the remote list.""" return get_mpdict_value('list', 'l_' + name, clear=clear)
[docs]def get_int_value(name, val0=0): """Get the remote integer value.""" out = get_mpdict_value('ivalue', 'iv_' + name) out.value = val0 return out
[docs]def get_queue(name): """Get the global queue.""" return get_mpdict_value('queue', 'queue_' + name)
[docs]def get_lock(name): """Get the global lock.""" return get_mpdict_value('lock', 'lock_' + name)
[docs]def is_remote_dict(d): """Return True if 'd' is instance.""" return isinstance(d, managers.DictProxy)