Source code for sfepy.applications.pde_solver_app

from __future__ import absolute_import
import os

from sfepy.base.base import output, dict_to_struct, Struct
from sfepy.base.conf import ProblemConf, get_standard_keywords
import sfepy.base.ioutils as io
from sfepy.discrete import Problem
from sfepy.discrete.fem import MeshIO, Mesh
from .application import Application

[docs]def solve_pde(conf, options=None, status=None, **app_options): """ Solve a system of partial differential equations (PDEs). This function is a convenience wrapper that creates and runs an instance of :class:`PDESolverApp`. Parameters ---------- conf : str or ProblemConf instance Either the name of the problem description file defining the PDEs, or directly the ProblemConf instance. options : options The command-line options. status : dict-like The object for storing the solver return status. app_options : kwargs The keyword arguments that can override application-specific options. """ if not isinstance(conf, ProblemConf): required, other = get_standard_keywords() conf = ProblemConf.from_file(conf, required, other) opts = conf.options = (dict_to_struct(app_options, flag=(1,), constructor=type(conf.options)) + conf.options) output_prefix = opts.get('output_prefix', None) if output_prefix is None: output_prefix = output.prefix if options is None: options = Struct(output_filename_trunk=None, save_ebc=False, save_ebc_nodes=False, save_regions=False, save_regions_as_groups=False, solve_not=False) if conf.options.get('evps') is None: app = PDESolverApp(conf, options, output_prefix) else: from .evp_solver_app import EVPSolverApp app = EVPSolverApp(conf, options, output_prefix) if hasattr(opts, 'parametric_hook'): # Parametric study. parametric_hook = conf.get_function(opts.parametric_hook) app.parametrize(parametric_hook) return app(status=status)
[docs]def save_only(conf, save_names, problem=None): """ Save information available prior to setting equations and solving them. """ if problem is None: problem = Problem.from_conf(conf, init_equations=False) if save_names.regions is not None: problem.save_regions(save_names.regions) if save_names.regions_as_groups is not None: problem.save_regions_as_groups(save_names.regions_as_groups) if save_names.ebc is not None: problem.save_ebc(save_names.ebc, force=False) if save_names.ebc_nodes is not None: problem.save_ebc(save_names.ebc_nodes, force=True)
[docs]def assign_standard_hooks(obj, get, conf): """ Set standard hook function attributes from `conf` to `obj` using the `get` function. """ hook_names = ['step_hook', 'post_process_hook', 'post_process_hook_final', 'pre_process_hook'] for hook_name in hook_names: setattr(obj, hook_name, conf.get_function(get(hook_name, None)))
[docs]class PDESolverApp(Application):
[docs] @staticmethod def process_options(options): """ Application options setup. Sets default values for missing non-compulsory options. """ get = options.get output_dir = get('output_dir', '.') if not os.path.exists(output_dir): os.makedirs(output_dir) return Struct(save_results=get('save_results', True), # Save each variable into a separate file, using # the region of its definition only. linearization=dict_to_struct(get('linearization', {'kind' : 'strip'})), split_results_by=get('split_results_by', None), output_format=get('output_format', 'vtk'), file_format=get('file_format', None), output_dir=output_dir, # Called after each time step, can do anything, no # return value. step_hook=get('step_hook', None), # Called after each time step. post_process_hook=get('post_process_hook', None), # Called after all time steps, or in the # stationary case. post_process_hook_final=get('post_process_hook_final', None), # Called in init process. pre_process_hook=get('pre_process_hook', None), use_equations=get('use_equations', 'equations'))
def __init__(self, conf, options, output_prefix, init_equations=True, **kwargs): """`kwargs` are passed to Problem.from_conf() Command-line options have precedence over conf.options.""" Application.__init__( self, conf, options, output_prefix ) self.setup_options() is_eqs = init_equations if hasattr(options, 'solve_not') and options.solve_not: is_eqs = False self.problem = Problem.from_conf(conf, init_equations=is_eqs, **kwargs) self.setup_output_info( self.problem, self.options )
[docs] def setup_options( self ): self.app_options = PDESolverApp.process_options(self.conf.options) assign_standard_hooks(self, self.app_options.get, self.conf) # Override default equations, if use_equations is set. if hasattr(self.conf, 'equations'): self.conf.equations = getattr(self.conf, self.app_options.use_equations)
[docs] def setup_output_info(self, problem, options): """Modifies both problem and options!""" if options.output_filename_trunk is None: if self.conf.get('filename_mesh') is not None: filename_mesh = self.conf.filename_mesh if isinstance(filename_mesh, MeshIO): ofn_trunk = filename_mesh.get_filename_trunk() elif isinstance(filename_mesh, Mesh): ofn_trunk = else: ofn_trunk = io.get_trunk(filename_mesh) elif self.conf.get('filename_domain') is not None: ofn_trunk = io.get_trunk(self.conf.filename_domain) else: raise ValueError('missing filename_mesh or filename_domain!') options.output_filename_trunk = ofn_trunk else: ofn_trunk = options.output_filename_trunk if hasattr(options, 'output_format') \ and (options.output_format is not None): output_format = options.output_format else: output_format = self.app_options.output_format problem.setup_output( output_filename_trunk=ofn_trunk, output_dir=self.app_options.output_dir, output_format=output_format, file_format=self.app_options.file_format, split_results_by=self.app_options.split_results_by, linearization=self.app_options.linearization)
[docs] def call(self, status=None): problem = self.problem options = self.options if self.pre_process_hook is not None: # User pre_processing. self.pre_process_hook(problem) ofn_trunk = problem.ofn_trunk self.save_names = Struct(ebc=ofn_trunk + '_ebc.vtk' if options.save_ebc else None, ebc_nodes=ofn_trunk + '_ebc_nodes.vtk' if options.save_ebc_nodes else None, regions=ofn_trunk + '_region' if options.save_regions else None, regions_as_groups=ofn_trunk + '_regions' if options.save_regions_as_groups else None) if any(self.save_names.to_dict().values()): save_only(self.conf, self.save_names, problem=problem) if options.solve_not: return None, None, None state = problem.solve( status=status, save_results=self.app_options.save_results, step_hook=self.step_hook, post_process_hook=self.post_process_hook, post_process_hook_final=self.post_process_hook_final) return problem, state
[docs] def save_dict(self, filename, data): """ Utility function to save a dictionary `data` to a HDF5 file `filename`. """ io.write_dict_hdf5(filename, data)
[docs] def load_dict(self, filename): """ Utility function to load a dictionary `data` from a HDF5 file `filename`. """ data = io.read_dict_hdf5(filename) return data