Source code for sfepy.applications.application

from sfepy.base.base import Struct, output, insert_as_static_method

[docs]class Application(Struct): """ Base class for applications. Subclasses should implement: __init__(), call(). Automates parametric studies, see parametrize(). """ def __init__(self, conf, options, output_prefix, **kwargs): Struct.__init__(self, conf=conf, options=options, output_prefix=output_prefix) output.prefix = self.output_prefix self.restore()
[docs] def setup_options(self): pass
def __call__(self, **kwargs): """ This is either call_basic() or call_parametrized(). """ pass
[docs] def call_basic(self, **kwargs): return**kwargs)
[docs] def call_parametrized(self, **kwargs): generator = self.parametric_hook(self.problem) for aux in generator: if isinstance(aux, tuple) and (len(aux) == 2): problem, container = aux mode = 'coroutine' else: problem = aux mode = 'simple' self.problem = problem generator_prefix = output.prefix output.prefix = self.output_prefix # Restore default. """Application options have to be re-processed here as they can change in the parametric hook.""" self.setup_options() out =**kwargs) output.prefix = generator_prefix if mode == 'coroutine': # Pass application output to the generator. container.append(out) next(generator)
[docs] def restore(self): """ Remove parametric_hook, restore __call__() to call_basic(). """ self.parametric_hook = None insert_as_static_method(self.__class__, '__call__', self.call_basic)
[docs] def parametrize(self, parametric_hook): """ Add parametric_hook, set __call__() to call_parametrized(). """ if parametric_hook is None: return self.parametric_hook = parametric_hook insert_as_static_method(self.__class__, '__call__', self.call_parametrized)