Build helpers for

Includes package dependency checks and monkey-patch to numpy.distutils to work with Cython.


The original version of this file was adapted from NiPy project [1].


class build_helpers.Clean(dist)[source]

Distutils Command class to clean, enhanced to clean also files generated during python build_ext –inplace.

class build_helpers.DoxygenDocs(dist)[source]
description = ‘generate docs by Doxygen’
class build_helpers.NoOptionsDocs(dist)[source]
user_options = [(‘None’, None, ‘this command has no options’)]
class build_helpers.SphinxHTMLDocs(dist)[source]
description = ‘generate html docs by Sphinx’
class build_helpers.SphinxPDFDocs(dist)[source]
description = ‘generate pdf docs by Sphinx’
build_helpers.generate_a_pyrex_source(self, base, ext_name, source, extension)[source]

Monkey patch for numpy build_src.build_src method

Uses Cython instead of Pyrex.

build_helpers.package_check(pkg_name, version=None, optional=False, checker=<class distutils.version.LooseVersion>, version_getter=None, messages=None, show_only=False)[source]

Check if package pkg_name is present, and in correct version.

pkg_name : str or sequence of str

The name of the package as imported into python. Alternative names (e.g. for different versions) may be given in a list.

version : str, optional

The minimum version of the package that is required. If not given, the version is not checked.

optional : bool, optional

If False, raise error for absent package or wrong version; otherwise warn

checker : callable, optional

If given, the callable with which to return a comparable thing from a version string. The default is distutils.version.LooseVersion.

version_getter : callable, optional:

If given, the callable that takes pkg_name as argument, and returns the package version string - as in:

``version = version_getter(pkg_name)``

The default is equivalent to:

mod = __import__(pkg_name); version = mod.__version__``
messages : dict, optional

If given, the dictionary providing (some of) output messages.

show_only : bool

If True, do not raise exceptions, only show the package name and version information.

build_helpers.recursive_glob(top_dir, pattern)[source]

Utility function working like glob.glob(), but working recursively and returning generator.

topdir : str

The top-level directory.

pattern : str or list of str

The pattern or list of patterns to match.